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((I WAS SHAYSMITCH… WELL AM.) never trust an indecisive person. so basically what i did was go back to my original blog (swingoflove) and change the url.. spur of the moment. lots of good times and posts. i realized that re-doing my blog (to this one) was a waste lmao. just gonna be an unorganized sarcastic soul. basically re-follow if you wish idk. xoxo

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Don’t forget to vote for Justin. The TCA’s are tomorrow so today is our last chance, SIGN UP and VOTE!

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Just saw this pic of Kevin Hart and Dwight Howard on Yahoo… I swear this is like an episode of Proud Family or something and D. Howard is Wizard Kelly.

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“Regardless of what anyone else says, good or bad, it only matters how I feel and what I think” 

                                                      - Shay Mitchell

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